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October 11th, 2010

On 7/23/13 2:41 PM, “EEC-12 Ivy Tan” wrote:

Dearest Sheila,

My respected Master Trainer, first & foremost I would like to sincerely Thank You for the 10days guidance and deeper insights taught into Image Training & Consulting. All this time, I have not had the chance to tell you, You are indeed a true Master Trainer, your generous sharing & teaching, your meticulous observance on our learning throughout, spotting the mistakes that we did and said, even mere simple words like “you guys” mentioned during a presentation was spotted by you but for many they might not have captured these 2 unimportant words at all throughout the presentation. All these have not only impressed but touched me.

At the same time, the person that matters loads to me sang praises of you generously, he told me he is really glad that I’d found myself “A Sifu” who is so sincere, real, natural and generous in guiding. A coach who is not only an expert technically and skilfully in her expertise but is also awesome and is attracted to your personality throughout all the interaction and communication we enjoyed.

Thank You Sheila and I am truly so glad after being very Inspired by you and what you do for a living since June’2012 in Allianz, I’d finally made the decision to attend EEC with you a year later and reflecting back, all these time, fees, travelling invested is totally worth it! It is definitely one of the happiest decisions I have made in my life!

You are my Role Model & Inspiration! =)

Warmest Regards.
Ivy Tan – Your Student from EEC Batch 12.

Acquiring the knowledge and skills in business etiquette gives me the cutting edge advantage to appear holistically professional in my profession as a Professional Image Consultant. My decision to enrol in SWET Advancement Center program of business etiquette has certainly fulfilled my needs and wants to master the practicality and theoretical of business etiquette. In addition, the Master Trainer, Sheila Wong has significantly changed my perception about learning the subject as it was delivered in such an impactful, engaging and practical manner. Her extensive experience in the subject matter adds value to my learning. Now, I’m very much able to apply and practice what I’ve learned and contribute to my clients’ learning as well.
Jac Juanis,
Professional Image Consultant (EEC Graduate)
Professional Advancements Resources (002091222-H)

Sheila has demonstrated a high level of competency in terms of her knowledge and observation about the participants. She was ale to give very accurate and constructive feed for us to improve.


Sheila is a very experienced trainer who show the example and commenting are good especially individual feedback part. I like in particular the personal/individual/live video recording.Her course allowed us to learn and apply after the first day.I have benefited from the body language and the power of words when giving feedback.


There were lots of hands-on activities that involved the participation. I have benefited in terms of color matching, shape and my personality towards image. Both Sheila and Jacqueline were presentable.Sheila is classic and Jacqueline is trendy.Both were excellent.I personally like Sheila’s classical image which carried professional and poise image.Both were knowledgeable and well prepared.



Dear Sheila

Your words “Every woman deserve to be beautiful” echoes in my ear. There's vast beauty inside of us. Concealed and waiting to be awakened, only if we make a concerted decision and effort to let that beauty shine thru. It's all about the choices we make in life.

Agreed, whether we like it or not, first impressions count. With each step, it will take us closer there. Baby steps and gradually bigger steps. To unveil the persona, warmth and magic that we have been naturally endowed with. And who do we owe it to?  No one – but ourselves.

I have truly enjoyed and benefited from your 2 day session. Whillst the personalised learning, grooming and hands-on experience have been great, the challenge now begins. Yep, the challenge in making those desired changes happen and happen consistently.

If I may share my aspired next steps or 7 habits:

1. To constantly psychic my mind about looking good and I believe the law of attraction will set in. Am counting on Rhonda Byrne and Michael Losier to support me in this lifelong crusade :-)

2. To study the colours, attires and accessories that go best with my body shape and colour. If I can deliver on my work proposals, I think I must and can deliver on my personal proposal too.

3. To search and look up to role models to put me back on track, when i falter in my aspirations

4. To be prepared to invest in my wardrobe from time to time. And invest wisely by choosing the right cuts and colours for ME, not what I like or what I see on manequins or super models.

5. To be my own artist by exploring and adding the element of creativity and fun to my fashion pieces.

6. To appreciate that its ok to make mistakes and blunders sometimes, be it in fashion or communication language, but to learn from these experiences and move on.

7. And last but not least, to always remember to stand tall

Thanks Sheila for sharing with us your evolving beauty mantras.

We hope to be your proud ambassadors, slowly but surely. To epitome 'Beauty from the Inside Out', with grace, elegance and compassion. Always.


Sarjit Kaur

Accountant/Bursa Malaysia

December 10, 2010


Dear Sheila,

My heartfelt thanks to you and your team for the excellent presentation last night. You have enlightened our members and the public the important of personal image and link it very well to our financial planning industry. A very powerful question that you through to the floor that “Why should I park my money with you if don't even project professional image and confidence in yourself?”

Have a great day.

Warmest regards,

Tan Kim Book

FPAM Melaka Chapter Networking Dinner – 19th November, 2010


Kenneth Ho – Info Kinetics Sdn. Bhd.
Hi Sheila & Enrique,

Hope you had a smooth journey back to KL, and well rested.

Just wanted to say thanks again for coaching all of us. I’m sure your contagious enthusiasm will be caught by all of us, and I’m looking forward to my colleagues walking in through the door every morning, standing tall & happy!

There was something which really concur with you about the reception / receptionist. I’ve always told Fazilah that she is Info Kinetics’ Director of First Impressions. We should probably remove that ‘receptionist’ plague and replace it with this title. It will definitely empower her!

I am also WOWed by how you both see & bring out the positive in each and everyone you come across.

Cheers and keep in touch!

Ps: I think each time I fold my arms now, I can quickly remember your advice.

Kenneth Ho
Business Development Manager
Info Kinetics Sdn Bhd
November, 2009


LeAnn Tang on UYIQ-1
Being a landscape specialist and business owner requires me to spend considerable time at construction sites as well as to attend business meetings and to make corporate presentations to my Clients. My challenge is to be appropriately dressed to project the correct image suitable for the different functions. I had the good opportunity to attend a two-day workshop on “UP YOUR IQ (Image Quotient)” conducted by Sheila Wong in October, 2009. During this workshop I learned about body shapes, the language of colors, coordinating the different styles, cuts and patterns and to use matching accessories. I have also picked up many tips on how to mix and match my clothes and to re-organize my wardrobe efficiently. Sheila helped me in identifying my body shape and selecting suitable attires, which are versatile, stylish and impactful to create the impressions I desire. Sheila’s approach is multi-dimensional. She emphasized on developing the right mental attitude towards beauty and success. Our poise, dressing and outer appearance are the out- picturing of our inner being and should be in congruent with the message we sent to the world. The workshop was highly interactive, spiced with a huge dose of good humor and wit, and very informative. The tips given were both practical and applicable. The visuals and hand-outs were appropriate and relevant. I found the 2 day sessions to be very interesting, useful and enjoyable. I highly recommend this seminar.

LeAnn Tang
Entrepreneur/Landscape Specialist

December 1, 2009


Siah Li Mei
The contents of Business Etiquette & Protocol program were both instructive and entertaining.  Sheila’s delivery was almost contagious.  Her role plays had benefited our team members and they are more motivated and confident in handling clients.  Truly an “infotainment’” at its best.

Siah Li Mei  Partner (Advocate & Solicitor)

Chee Siah Le Kee & Partners


Good day, Sheila,

A big thank you for giving us 2 days of fun and insights into how we can
improve for ourselves and for Maybank.

My only regret is that I didn't get to attend your course earlier. But as
the saying goes, it's better late than never.



Pang TS
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