Sheila Wong

The People’s Image Consultant


June 29th, 2013

Elegance with Education Excellence in a desert! That was how 200 image consultants from various states in USA, Mexico, Nigeria, China, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Austria, France, Singapore and Malaysia projected ourselves during the recent AICI conference in Arizona.

Enrique & Anne WildermuthFrom Malaysia, it was only me and Enrique – - if we can count him as a Malaysian (being a Singaporean having an AICI Malaysia membership).

Arizona is hot and dry. The city is super clean and the people are so courteous. The streets may be quiet but once we were inside an eatery, the whole scenario change. We went to a pub restaurant called The Tiled Kilt. It was filled with drinkers and diners, mostly men. Reason? The servers were Hooters – young slim sexy ladies dressed in midriff-bearing micro-mini Scottish Kilt outfits.

I felt we have the shopping mall to ourselves when we arrived in Arizona Mill. Forever 21 is super huge here. There’s a brand called Papaya which retails budget clothing. Good buys and great service by extra attentive sales assistants. The mall starts to fill up after 6 pm by which time, it was time for us to leave.

More shopping on the second day as I went to Tangers, a premium outlet which houses brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Banana Republic. Who could resist when these are going for a song?

Fashion museum@ Phoenix

AICI Conference opening

2013 AICI Declaration of IC day

Sign declaration

With Catherine Bell- Arizone

Fraternizing with old and new friends is one of the things I look forward every year at conference. I was so pleased to see my fellow image consultants again, exchanging news of our latest pursuits and achievements.

Three of my friends have lost a lot of weight and looking really fabulous. Well, I seriously have to shake myself and join them fast. But let me enjoy my time in USA first with food I love – the cheeses, cakes, coffee & cream, carbs – all the big C.

Talking about food, there were plenty of restaurants, bars and pubs nearby Renaissance in Glendale, our conference venue. The place is quite dead in the morning with 80% of eateries closed. The same place comes alive in the evening with boisterous people and bikers – the darker, the busier!

Dinner @ LA

ELEGANCE was the call of the desert. Irregardless of the size, shape or color, the participants came dressed in a myriad of colors and styles. The Nigerians in particular were flamboyant dressers – from headgear to footwear. – very dramatic. I just wonder how their bodies move with such tight-fitting garments. The Asians – Japanese, Singaporeans, Chinese and Malaysians were understated compared with our counterparts from USA. I noticed that the westerners love chunky necklaces on their necks and big bold prints.

Pan Asian members

Japanese frens & AICI Sec

This year, with renewal of two major contracts on our corporate image trainings, I was asked to develop new and advance programs. Thus I was immensely pleased when I found the educational sessions that fit my objectives – just like a glove.

EDUCATION EXCELLENCE. From Power Networking to Men Styling, I have garnered quite a substantial amount to have a full workshop on these two subjects.

I can’t wait to share my knowledge on men’s grooming with my male participants. I learned another way of measuring men’s proportions, what’s Corporate America, Corporate Europe and Corporate Asia. It’s learning made simple and I promise the men will just love it. These will be incorporated in our upcoming PBS coaching and advance corporate image programs.

For this coming UP YOUR IQ, I will introduce the powerful networking tips on then second day. Do come over if you are keen. It’s on October 12&13, 2013 at Swiss garden.

For this coming PBS, I will guide the coaching students on the sure-fire way to win popularity at networking business and social functions.

I am already excited just talking about this. Think of the possibilities and opportunities for your business growth with these skills. Think about being elegant and eloquent in any situation – desert or North Pole.
In life, it’s all about growth and advancement.