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My Four Points in Life

March 3rd, 2013

St Kilda
I have been asked on many, many occasions; “Do you only work, work, work?” “Do you take time off?” “How do you manage your business, family and pleasure?”, etc., etc., etc.

One of the lessons I learned from Enrique’s teaching in SGR (SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH) is to do things in a certain way. I believe I do things in a certain way, the way I feel is best for me, the way I feel works best for me, the way that I am comfortable with.

The next lesson that I learned from Enrique’s teaching in WOU (WHISPER OF THE UNIVERSE) is to have the four points in our life. We have four points in our business. I believe I have four points in my life. That helps to keep the balance in my life.

What is the four points in my life? My family, my business, my social network and my interests.

For this article, I shall share my time with my family.

Though I come from an English-educated medium and enjoy a Western life-style, I am very much a Chinese at heart. I believe in filial piety and family bonding.

Thus, this Chinese New Year, I started off by going to my in-laws’ home to offer prayers/respect to my deceased parents-in-law on the morning of Chinese New Year Eve. This is a once a year tradition that we observe as long as we are in Malaysia. (There were a few years that I spent Chinese New Year in Melbourne with my family who were residing there then)

In the evening, my husband, son and I had a very good buffet at IOI Marriot and spent quality time walking down memory lane on Kenneth’s childhood. I missed my two daughters, grandson and son-in-law who were in Melbourne. We had our traditional exchange of GONG XI greetings and ang-pows after dinner.
Isabelle before delivery

On the 1st day of CNY, everyone slept in and we had a simple yet wholesome lunch prepared by my husband. Everything was so leisurely, something we treasure as we are always rushing during work. In the afternoon, we went for a movie “Journey to the West”. It was such an entertaining and humorous movie, and we left the cinema in high spirits. Off to Klang for my sister-in-law’s birthday dinner. There was another round of laughter and merry making with my in-laws.

On the 2nd day, we travelled to Kuantan to visit my father. All my brothers and their families were also back. We had a warm reunion. My father was very happy and seemed alert as he was gaming at gin rummy for a solid six hours. Good for him.

Classmates@CNY KtnMy husband and I reconnected with my ex-classmates, Lai Hong and Irene and their spouses. It was so wonderful to be with old friends, talking about silly stuff and laughing at our past mischief. We had a hot air balloon with our wishes flown high up in the sky. I am sure our wishes will be answered by our angels soon. Thank you in advance.

On the 8th day of Chinese New Year, I flew into Melbourne to be reunited with my two beautiful daughters, my grandson and Ben, my son-in-law. I went to the hospital to welcome my second grand-child, Adelle who is now 2 weeks old.
Javier, Steven & I @ leg kicking

What do I do in Melbourne? I brushed up my rusted cooking skills and managed to whip up reasonably delicious home-cooked meals for my family (something I have not done for years). That was my first objective and I achieved it with amazing speed.

What do I love most to do in Melbourne? I love to go for morning walks, let the cool cool breeze kiss my face while I embraced the sunlight and drink in the sights of the pretty houses in the neighbourhood. This is something that I don’t enjoy as much in Malaysia because of the climate.
Sheila-keeping fit

What do I enjoy most in Melbourne? I enjoy driving into Mount Dandenong to have scones in Miss Marples or to Hope Toun to have tea. This trip, I went to Hope Toun in Collins Street with Estelle to have crab pie salad and scones. I love the quaint European decor of Hope Toun and the dainty serves (by Australian standards).
Scones with Estelle
Outside Hope Toun

My time in Melbourne with my family is not complete without my favorite dim sum at Taipan @ Doncaster or dinner at Walrus @ Spring Vale. In between my schedule of cooking and doing the groceries, I managed to shop a little at Glen. Shopping is one of my interests.

I did a little extra this trip. I reconnected with a long lost friend, my Primary School class-mate, Tommy. It was really good to see an old friend and catch up on our current life.

So this trip to Melbourne helped me to realize the 3 points in life : family, social network and interests.

As I flew back into Kuala Lumpur on 2nd March, I have another day of rest before I start on the important point of my life – Business. I am refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated to take on the world and go about my business which is also my passion of transforming and touching peoples’ lives with beauty, confidence and a positive attitude.