Sheila Wong

The People’s Image Consultant

SME100 Awards

November 3rd, 2015

Our heart-felt gratitude to all our clients, participants, students, friends, supporters, team, for making this possible. Receiving SME100 award is an acknowledgement that we are an extraordinary team with ordinary members, helping people and companies achieving extraordinary success in their inner and outer image.

October 23, 2015 was a memorable night. A night of awards for the top 100 fast moving companies under the Small, Medium Enterprises. The ballroom was swarming with gorgeous guys in their magnificent tuxedos and the lovely ladies in their most glamorous and glittering gowns. What a sight to behold! Everyone was on their best behavior and moved around gracefully to embrace what is to come.

The whole event was very well organized and all were given due recognition. A real splendid event that will be in my memory for a life time.

It is not the award that got us excited. It is the respect and recognition that we are indeed doing the right things to get us to where we are today, with the help of many many friends and supporters plus an awesome team. It is also what we can do further, to move our business locally and globally, to help more people to become successful and established in their career or business advancement.

This is what SWET is about. Pioneering and Furthering Image and Grooming Programs Internationally. Your Image Is Your Branding. Your Branding is Our Company. For we are the People’s Image Consultant.