Sheila Wong

The People’s Image Consultant


March 22nd, 2015


21 Days Book Launch InvitationThat was the heading of the press invite sent out by PIGEON FLY to members of the Press.

I like it. It felt so chic, and so “Sheila”.

SIGNATURE by THE HILL was the preferred venue for my official book launch of “21 DAYS OF ETIQUETTE” and the Mandarin-translated version of “YES, YOU CAN LOOK SLIMMER”.

With constant reminders from PIGEON FLY to keep my list of guests to only seventy (70) pax, I had real challenge to keep to that number, as all clients, participants and friends are important and dear to me.

I take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to those that I left out in my invitation due to this constrain, and I pray for your understanding.

IMG_0675Talking about my guests, I was overwhelmed by the full turn-out. I was especially touched that eighty percent of my invited corporate clients took time off their super busy schedule, to grace the occasion. I know how tied up they are in corporate meetings and responsibilities. The only three corporate clients who were absent, were very apologetic. They sent flowers or their next-in-line to replace them. That gesture alone showed how sincere they were, and they were in spirit with us.

Apart from that, it was truly a one hundred percent turn out of elegantly clad men and women. Members of the press were also very supportive with their presence.

SWET TEAMMy loyal and lovely SWET team was on hand to ensure that all the guests were well taken care of.

Being an official launch, some semblance of protocol must be observed. Thus, amidst the trendy setting of a happening venue, my eloquent and effervescent emcee, Ms. Evelyn Nabila welcomed guests and set the mood for a joyous afternoon.

Book Launch - TQ speechI started off my speech of appreciation on a more serious note as I wanted to make sure that all deserving friends and partners who have been instrumental in the successful fruition of my books, were given the proper recognition. With all formalities addressed, I steered my speech into the subject of “POWERFUL PRESENCE WITH YOUR CORPORATE IMAGE BRANDING”.

I guessed the guests were entertained with the subject and came away, with more awareness on why is it important to dress for success and have savvy with the right etiquette for powerful presence.

Launch ceremonyTo properly and formally launched the books, my co-author Kenneth Shee, my editor, LeAnn Tang, and my business partner, Enrique Tsou, shared the platform with me, to perform this auspicious ceremony.

Thereafter, Kenneth and I had an interesting press interview with the media. Photo shots with guests were immediately uploaded into facebook by our passionate friends.

All in all, it was a really delightful afternoon filled with elegant ladies, gorgeous gentlemen, light chatter and fraternizing among the guests and many books being autographed.

I like to pen off by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone who turned up for the event, and also to those who were with us in spirit and the well wishes received in the form of flowers and virtual messages from whatsapp and facebook.

Joseph & Evon

Loo, SW & Chrisly

WOU Guests

Press Interview