Sheila Wong

The People’s Image Consultant


December 30th, 2014

It got even better. And it can only get better every year.

I ended my 2013 year end message with “Gratitude for a Splendor 2013 and moving onto 2014 filled with Abundance”. 2014 started with a Bang! We were blessed with abundance and am still having abundance.

Sheila-black sleeveless

Our corporate calendar was already filled up with corporate image trainings as we played a part in helping our corporate clients with their rebranding executive exercises. On many occasions, we were running three to four concurrent corporate image workshops on a single day. Our Sweties (SWET Image Professionals) have matured to be competent image trainers. Our EEC graduates (image consultants certified by SWET ) were invited to assist us in our trainings.

It was heart-warming to note a big win-win for all who have business associations with us:
1. A big win for our corporate clients in successfully elevating and polishing their corporate image branding.
2. A big win for our PBS students who are SME bosses and professionals, for their successful and sustainable image transformation, which resulted in their business expansion.
3. A big win for our EEC graduates (image consultants certified by SWET) as they benefit from the invaluable experience by assisting us in our trainings and getting cash returns.
4. A big win for our SWET team as they were kept happily busy doing what they love to do – training and transforming lives. They have advanced tremendously in their career as professionals in image training and coaching.
5. The biggest WIN is Enrique and I as we walk our path of fulfilling our SWET’s mission:
A) Help corporations and businesses develop their own image branding.
B) Help aspiring image consultants develop their potential.
C) Help men and women bring out their beauty and uniqueness from within.

The time to translate my book “Yes, You Can Look Slimmer” has come due to repeated requests from my Chinese speaking participants. My translator, Gigue Lim has done a marvelous job with the translation. With the help of editing work from Carmen Teng, the Mandarin version of “Yes, You Can Look Slimmer” came to fruition on 18 October, 2014, the day of UP YOUR IQ-11.
swet booklet-01
My third book “21 Days of Etiquette” is now successfully published and on the shelves of all major bookstores in Malaysia. I owe this achievement to my co-author, Kenneth Shee. He was penning down my words during my etiquette workshops and painstaking rewording them into readable English fit for a book. I would also love to thank my editor, LeAnn for putting the final touches together.
My most memorable milestone was overcoming my inadequate command of Mandarin and accepting the challenge to speak in China to more than 200 people. It was with trepidation when I landed in Zhongshan. This feeling was replaced with euphoria after the event. I was very well received and it was my most enjoyable Mandarin speaking session. The audience went wild with my antics and tips. I appreciate Allianz for their faith and trust that I could deliver. I thank my angels for giving me the courage and the creativity to do my best and be my best.
I am super thankful and grateful to my old corporate clients for their continuous support of me and my SWET team. I am very pleased to have acquired a few more new corporate clients, whom I have faith, will continue to place their faith in our solutions for their rebranding image exercises.
UP YOUR IQ-11 happy audience

UP YOUR IQ-11 Attentive audience
Our twice yearly, UP YOUR IQ (Image Quotient) have received consistently great rave reviews and we are still looking forward to improve and add more value to our two-day seminar to the general public. We truly want to reach out to ordinary people to help them to become extra-ordinary in their own ways with the right image. We are, after all the People’s Image Consultant.
To my gorgeous book models, our outstanding UP YOUR IQ logistics, our efficient, effective and elegant SWET team; you have all played a vital part in my success and SWET’s success. I love you all.
UP YOUR IQ-11 log
I like to pay tribute to my late father, who had left us for a better place in heaven, mid of 2014. He and my late mother were my inspiration and my pillars of strength.
My own family, comprising my understanding husband, my supportive son, daughters, son-in-law and my adorable grandchildren are my strength and my foundation. I am grateful to have them with me all the way.
With gratitude and graciousness, I end 2014 and I look forward to another year of continuous success, countless lucrative opportunities and endless joy. Another year of abundance and great achievements. Things can only get better – our health, our wealth, our family and our business.
With love, gratitude and graciousness,