Sheila Wong

The People’s Image Consultant

Pleasing and Participative Audience at Public Mutual

March 24th, 2013

March 23, 2013 was my second encounter with Public Mutual Unit Trust Consultants. The first was last year.

At the start, the crowd was rather subdued. The energizing game helped to thaw them a little. The laughter that escaped from their mouth was rather controlled. Then came the emcee, Ms. Noorma. I was comparing the response from the first Public Mutual audience I had last year and this one. Last year, every sentence that Ms. Noorma uttered that had to do with my achievements, would receive a very loud and delightful “Wah…..” from the audience. This time it was a polite smile from all. “Hmmmmm… I will have to work harder to draw them out of their inhibitions” I thought to myself.

With that thought in mind, I started my presentation. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only were the audience warm, they were very participative and polite. They were a good sport. With the short few hours in the morning, I shared with them concepts on cuts, colors and style. It was really wonderful to see the men taking an interest in the women’s part too. Women have always taken an interest in men’s grooming as they take pride in having a say in their men’s dressing.

Right after lunch, everyone was back in his or her place. I like this punctuality part in particular as it reflects their professionalism. Their response and participation were consistent throughout as I took them through the networking exercises and the business etiquette session. There were quite a number of questions, which is something that I like very much, too. It showed how interested and how relevant it was to them.

Quite a number of the participants stayed back long after the seminar to find out more about our other image programs. They wanted more. That was the most gratifying part.

All that is well, ends well. I thank Public Mutual for their faith and confidence in me, to my team mates who were there to assist and most of all, to the participants who have been so warm and responsive.