Sheila Wong

The People’s Image Consultant


October 11th, 2010

As the year is coming closer to an end, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all my corporate clients, participants, students and friends


for your support and faith in us. For friends I have known for decades and friends that I just got to know, I am glad our paths have crossed and we have grown because of our association and/or collaboration.


This is my mantra for 2012 and will continue into 2013 and I do my best to give my best to all who have walked into my life and who will walk into my life – whether for a total image transformation, a rebranding for a new you and your business, or just a tip to give you another perspective – as I continue in my quest for perfection to educate, equip and empower people who walks into my life for career advancement and personal enhancement.

“Making Your Brand a Reality” is my business. machine a sous en ligne

WOMEN IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Reflections by Sheila Wong

October 11th, 2010

On June 20, 2011, I was invited to be the Panel at Sembang Sembang, a casual gathering for entrepreneurs, brought by US EMBASSY and organized by Warisan Global Sdn. Bhd.

This was my sharing on my reflections as a woman entrepreneur:


If I were to start all over again to get to where I am today, I would still do the same with a lot of fine-tuning that would result in a shorter path. The reason is only one – if I have not gone through the joys and tears, it would not have moulded and shape me to the person that I am today. Everything that I have experienced – through the trials and tribulations – are my lessons in life, to make me a better person and as a more stable and steady entrepreneur.

Going back memory lane, as a young lady, the word “entrepreneur” never crossed my mind. I only wanted to find a good husband, get married and live happily ever after (doesn’t this sound familiar to you?). I found one. After we got married, we went to Melaka because my husband had a housing project there. When I was in the family way, I stopped work to be a good mother. SIX months was all I lasted. Domestic life was not, and still is not my cup of tea. And no big company wanted to engage a married woman – too many strings attached. To get me off his back, my husband proposed that I start my own business with his financial support. “Anything that you want”, he said. At that point of time, I had an all-consuming passion to lose weight and be really tweed slim – like Twiggy (a famous London model who was skinny). I was only 104 lbs or 47 kg then and still felt fat. So it was only natural that I chose to open a slimming centre. I had no experience in the beauty industry. I only had four years in a corporate sector. But the passion was so great, to own a slimming centre, so that I can be slim led me to eventually have a franchise with SLENDERLIN. Within one month, we recovered half of our capital of RM100K and by the 3rd month, all our capital was back.

After 3 years, the franchisor sold the business to me and I own 100% of the company. During these 3 years, I went to Melbourne, London and Paris to equip myself with knowledge on slimming, beauty, fitness, modeling and grooming. The reason: I was very young then at 24 years old and often bullied by professionals engaged by our company as they did not respect me because they felt I knew nothing about the business. Looking back, I am very thankful to two women in particular, our first manager and first beauty therapist in our center, who made life very difficult for me, running me down infront of my clients and staff. Because of them, I have grown to be very strong on my technical knowledge, leadership skills and to be an assertive entrepreneur. I learned the art of “tai-chi” with my staff.

After 16 years in the trade of slimming, fitness, beauty & modeling, and with my children settled in their higher educational pursuit, I took the next challenge – starting a centre in the then prestigious Suria KLCC.

In Suria KLCC, my centre was called SKIN ESTHICS. The visibility was great for business. But the rental and overhead were not. I thought history would repeat itself and I would reap the rewards in three months. How naïve I was! It took us 3 years to manage the overheads only. There was no profit. Something had to be done. My partner and I decided to do “franchising”. Afterall, we had been 20 years in business and the way to go is franchising. With this thought, and adamant to bring back the fruits, we went ahead to get the services of an international franchise consultant, against our better judgment. The signs were all there but we didn’t heed the signals. We went ahead with our franchise plans. The franchise consultants bled us with their exhorbitant fees before we could even take off. We were so “gang-ho” that we did not read the fine lines of the contract. That exercise caused us an arm and a leg. We decided to cut our losses and stop all plans of franchise as we almost had a legal embattlement with our franchise consultants.

By that time, our corporate image training business had tripled and I had to let go of some business because I couldn’t do all the trainings. We sold our KLCC business at a loss, place the care of our clients with another center and focus all our energy on building new image consultants to assist us in our trainings, as the demand for our trainings grew every year.

2 years later, we sold off our Melaka business at a good price. What we did was ensure that the business was doing well to give it more value.

From the time I went into corporate image training and consulting in the year 2000, our company has trained more than 130 companies and 40,000 people. I personally have trained 104 companies todate and 30,000 people, locally and internationally.

A lot of my clients and friends asked me “Don’t you get tired?” The answer is “NO”. In my days of running beauty centres, sometimes I felt a little burned out when I had challenges with HR problems.

Since I started corporate image training and consulting, I don’t feel like I am working. I am doing something good for the world. When I meet a participant or a client who has taken my image tips to enhance his appearance, project poise and confidence, or have that extra suaveness when dealing with people, it gives me a sense of fulfillment that money cannot buy. My clients told me that they are inspired by me. In actual fact, I am much more inspired by the transformation that I see in them or in their life because of what they have applied after coming for my program. What gives me more satisfaction and fulfillment than this in life? I am here to share, to love and to beautify. Every morning I wake up early, looking forward to who and how many I can touch that day, and staying late at night to prepare the next day’s program or answer to those who need me.

Isn’t that beautiful – to have the ability and opportunity to touch and transform peoples’ lives?

From what I see, there will be challenges if you do business only using your head. We must use our head and connect with our hearts.

I wish to go auto-pilot 5 years from now – wherein I have groomed a steady fleet of highly motivated and responsible image consultants who can go on to touch and transform more lives, while I continue to guide them to empower, educate and equip people with the right tools in their own image development and branding – and to be their authentic self.

My advice to all who wish to be entrepreneurs today, is to find out if the business you are in, is truly your passion – whether what you want is your heart intention or ego intention. To give first (with your heart) and then you will receive. Trust and Allow.

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Touching Lives of Thousands in 2011

October 11th, 2010

It’s almost coming to the end of the year. Looking back, I am most gratified that I have the privilege and opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of men and women, transforming them to be confident, elegant and eloquent people with a positive attitude. People from diverse backgrounds, different professions, different industries – we all want to look good, conduct ourselves with grace and speak well. We all want to earn respect and build good relationship with a better self-image.

With my corporate consulting and corporate image training, I am very grateful that I have the honor to share my experience and my expertise, building their employees’ image to match their corporate branding. I like to express my appreciation to these corporations that have placed their confidence with me and my SWET team, viz., SMOE (Pte) Ltd., M-Mode, SP Setia, Dell, Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture, AIM, IJM, Fortress Intelligence Singapore, MRA, MIA, etc., not forgetting my old clients, Maybank, Allianz Life, Bursa, Amway.

There could have been a couple of people that I have offended unknowingly and I ask for forgiveness from them. And for those who have caused hurt to me consciously, I ask of them to focus on my good deeds and good intentions, and not to focus on “Who’s right” but “What’s right”.

On a lighter note, I like to share two very special moments of my life in 2011.

My first one is I become a Glamorous Granny on March 11, 2011 to the son of my beautiful second daughter, Isabelle. Javier is such an adorable baby. Everyone loves him. I love him.

The second one was in May, 2011 where I received “Award of Excellence” in image from AICI conference in Orlando. This is a coveted award honored to one professional image consultant internationally, once a year. Thank you so much to my friends and supporters who nominated me.

On the side, my youngest daughter, Estelle, came home in August to take up the EEC (Express Executive Course) for Professional Image Consultants from me. She has officially graduated with flying colors and is now under my direct tutelage to be an effective, elegant and eloquent image consultant.

As I stand perched at the threshold of 2012, I asked myself, “Have I done my best for my clients, my participants, my students and my team?” My answer is “Yes, I have”. And that is good enough for me. But that doesn’t mean I will rest on my laurels. I will continue to upgrade my knowledge and my skills. I will continue to learn to be more caring and understanding with my loved ones, my team and you, who will be my participant or my client.

Here, I like to wish all who are reading this page, and also those who miss this, whoever you are, wherever you are, as long as our paths have crossed, ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR. MAY THE BEST HAPPEN TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY”.

My love, blessings and hugs to you.

P.S. – Pictures that are with this page, are happy memories of our participants in action, during the corporate image workshops, personalized branding coaching sessions and my social time with friends and family. Enjoy….

Speaker  for Sembang Sembang sponsored by US Embassy

Speaker for Sembang Sembang sponsored by US Embassy

Speaker for MIA-AFA conference on Nov, 2011

Speaker for MIA-AFA conference on Nov, 2011

AICI Orlando Conference, May 2011

AICI Orlando Conference, May 2011

Flavola Italian restaurant-for PBS graduation

Flavola Italian restaurant-for PBS graduation

Beautiful management team @ Amway Malaysia

Beautiful management team @ Amway Malaysia

Celebrating my birthday with loved ones & best friends @ Villa Danielle

Celebrating my birthday with loved ones & best friends @ Villa Danielle

Learning about men's facial at Personalized Branding

Learning about men's facial at Personalized Branding

Professional Impact workshop for Fortress, Singapore

Professional Impact workshop for Fortress, Singapore

My beautiful daughter, Isabelle and my adorable grandson, Javier

My beautiful daughter, Isabelle and my adorable grandson, Javier

Pretty Estelle celebrating her 19th birthday with us in Malaysia

Pretty Estelle celebrating her 19th birthday with us in Malaysia

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October 11th, 2010

I had a nudge in my heart. It was tu

gging at me – My Business or My Father? I listened to my heart – I went to visit my father in Kuantan, who is getting old and weak.

So on a Saturday on March 19, 2011, I drove all the way to Kuantan alone. My dad was very pleased to see me. We went through our usual routine whenever I am back – something both of us cherish – was a visit to the temple to pay my respect to my deceased mom, who has a peaceful place there. I love to go to this Buddhist temple because the space, energy, coolness and cleanliness put me at peace. Tranquility and calmness give me more clarity and peace.

Dad and I chatted a lot on the good old days when my mom was still alive and I am always amazed at the things that they could do then. Dad is really getting weaker and smaller, but still very firm about not moving out to stay with any of his children. He loves his freedom too much.

After a quiet evening with dad, I left the next day to Melaka for some urgent business.

Am I not glad that I decided not to take a flight to Kuantan? If I had, I would have missed the picturesque of the forest and the beauty that surround me.

Driving along the trunk road from Kuantan to Segamat was the best thing that happened to me in the month of March. In between the IOI palm oil plantation is a beautiful long stretch of road that seems to come out of a postcard. Along the road was paved with friendly trees providing shade and energy to the surrounding. I was so overwhelmed with the feeling – the feeling that the Universe and I are one.

I felt I had to stop. Yes, I stopped to smell the forest. I don’t know if anybody understand what I am trying to express – it is an irrepressible feeling of awe and wonderment. That nature can be so gorgeously peaceful and beautiful, and that I am a part of the universe.

As an image consultant, I can transform people’s lives with beauty & elegance. But that day on March 20, 2011, nature with universe has transformed me into a more beautiful and pure being. The connection with universe feels … oh….. so good.

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October 11th, 2010

It was the ambition of the Malaysian members of AICI SAS (South Asia-Singapore) to have their own Ma

laysian chapter.

It took the whole of 2009 for me as the Protem President and a few core members to formally form the chapter of AICI MALAYSIA in February 2010. It was a roller coaster year for the Protem Board as each of us did our bit and our best to garner support and strength from each other to keep the chapter going in the right direction, and which has to be in accordance to the code of ethics of AICI.

The most important matter to get the chapter going was to have our first leadership training. During that time, we lined up all the duties and responsibilities of each board member and had a brain-storming session on the VISION AND MISSION of AICI MALAYSIA. We came up with the following as our Vision and Mission.

Text Box: VISION:	To be the GAP for Professional Image Consultants in Malaysia MISSION:	Growing businesses from strength to strength 		Advancing in educational & development for the members 		Professionalism at the highest level

As image consultants from different backgrounds, we had differences in ways of leading and executing plans. The Vision and the Mission of AICI MALAYSIA had been the guidelines for us to overcome those hurdles.

Next, was to address two major concerns, which I believe most new chapters will face:

1. How do you run a chapter with ZERO funds?

2. How do we increase our membership to keep our chapter going and active?

Allow me to share with you what and how we address on these concerns:

First, the members must be willing to give. Like what John F. Kennedy said “Ask not what the country can do you, BUT what you can do for the country”. Our chartered members were willing to give their time and money.

We started with every board member paying a gate fee of RM20.00 (approximately USD$6.00) when they attended board meetings held in board leaders’ homes.

Second, we adopted “I AM HERE FOR YOU” campaign that was initiated by AICI headquarters.

The board debated hotly on how best to bring benefits to our own members, to keep their interest and membership in our Malaysia chapter. We needed to get to the root because we felt if we addressed the root, it would make growing our chapter and making it into a self-funding chapter a lot more easier. We also had to deal with running our own business as well as AICI business. On top of that Malaysia, being a country of multi-racial and multi-cultural diversity, we have a lot of public holidays and these have a direct effect on the attendance during events.

We wanted the members to have ownership that AICI MALAYSIA is their image home. We wanted to grow our members and benefit their business, as in line with our mission statement.

In view of the above, we decided that all our chapter events must fulfill three objectives:

1. Expose our own members to the public and to the fraternity of AICI Malaysia, on their talents and expertise

2. Raise the educational standards of our own members by having quality speakers to share on subjects related to image

3. Use the chapter events as a platform for the members to have networking among themselves and with the public.

We have four events a year, at quarterly intervals. We started small. We learn from each event – what we had done right and what we could do better.

We found a cosy café which had the right ambience, privacy, easy access to the public and most important, within our budget. We introduced high tea with a sumptuous spread of pastas, pastries, salads, fruits and hot beverage.

During each event, we featured two speakers – one from AICI Malaysia and the other would be a invited guest to speak on some new or special subject on image. We started and finished each event with fellowship and networking for members and guests. We made a point to have a free-n-easy session wherein the VP Membership would help a guest to sign up as a member online and the VP Education would share information on FLC to interested members.

There was one event where we had a fashion show hosted by one of our members, showcasing fashion outfits from her newly opened boutique. We also had one event where we had our Malaysia top supermodel to grace our event. These caused a lot of excitement and generated good turnout.

Exhibitor space were rented to members at RM100.00 (approximately USD$30.00) and to non-members at RM200.00 (approximately USD$60.00). The exhibitors made use of the 3 hours to market their image products or services. Members were charged a gate fee of RM50.00 (approximately USD$15.00) and non-members were charged RM60.00 (approximately USD$18.00). Each networking event would give us an average profit of RM1000.00 (approximately USD300.00). This helped tremendously in our operating cost and gave us more leeway to provide more incentives for our members.

We had an average of 50 people attending the event, out of which 60% were guests. The guests were mostly friends of some of the board members. From our guests, we managed to enroll nine of them to become our chapter members over these two years.

Third, we wanted to raise the educational standards of our own members.

Since our chapter was formed in February 2010, we managed to have two major educational events where we had the honor of learning from the following:

1. February 2011 - Karen Brunger, AICI CIP

2. February 2012 - Clare Maxfield, AICI CIP,Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP, Ferial Youkim, AICI CIP and Pang Li Kin, AICI CIP.

From our first experience of organizing an educational event with overseas speakers, we learnt how to move an international educational event without losing money. One of the key success factors was having a very sound budget. We did very much better with our second event wherein we earned about RM18,000.00 (approximately USD$5,000.00). So far, all our events generated profit and visibility.

The most gratifying effect was that the events brought the members closer.

Today we are much more comfortable than when we first started. We now do not need to come up from our own pockets anymore for board meetings. We now can afford to give special concession on education fees to our own members. Most important, our membership have increased and as of June 2012, we have a membership count of 36 members and will continue to grow under the new board.

From Ambition to Achievement, I like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to my founding board members for making it possible. They were the force behind me.

SHEILA WONG AICI CIP, Founding President 2010-2012, AICI MALAYSIA

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