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November 6th, 2009

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Suited for Success

Suited for Success

Since I started corporate consulting and training on image development, I have contributed articles and columns relating to grooming, etiquette and beauty to the media.

This page is dedicated to all my readers and supporters. I will be inserting all my past articles for you. Enjoy …….

28 November, 2009 – I will start with the weekly columns that I contribute to THE SUN from February 2004 (at the bottom of the page)

7) THE SUN – 14 April, 2004 – The Tie Way to Success


6) THE SUN – 31 March. 2004 – RE-SHAPING BODIES

Re-shaping Bodies

Re-shaping Bodies

5) THE SUN – 24 March, 2004 – HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?

24 March, 2004 - How Low Can You Go?

24 March, 2004 - How Low Can You Go?

4) THE SUN – 11 March, 2004 – LEGGY ISSUES

11 March, 2004-Leggy Issues

11 March, 2004-Leggy Issues

3) THE SUN – 18 February, 2004 – BOOSTING THE MALE PSYCHE


2) THE SUN – 11 February, 2004 – THE PERFECT FIT

When shopping, especially for products where we are spoilt for choice, we find ourselves selecting one with packaging that appeals to us best. It is not entirely different with people and how we size them up i.e. our first impressions.

According to studies, we form our first impressions of people within the first four seconds upon contact with our senses. Visual impression takes 55%, audial 38 % and verbal 7%.

Just imagine yourself going in for a job interview or to a social gathering where you wish to make a good impression. The way we present ourselves to others is indicative of ourselves generally – our self-confidence, our creativity and even our leadership ability. A good image opens doors and that first step in is also the opportunity to success. Therefore, if we want to be successful, we have to start ridding ourselves of image hurdles.

However, a positive image is not just about the clothes we wear. Donning a power suit does not empower you. Does it fit you well or does it give the impression that you have grown out of it but that is the only suit you have?

Before you know what the perfect fit is for you, you have to understand your own body shape. What looks great on someone else may not work for you the same way because the two of you have different body shapes. Also, one has to accept that your body shape and size are not going to remain the same throughout your life, so the tight-fitting outfit that showed off your hour-glass figure might have had men swooning when you were in your early 20s, but 10 years later?

It is good to stand in front of a long mirror periodically and scrutinise our body shapes. When you understand your body shapes and are equipped with the fundamentals of how to dress to bring out the best in you, you are on the way to be recognised as a well-dressed person without being a slave to fashion.

So, what is your shape? Check out against the description below:

Women will have one of the following shapes:

Hour glass: Proportionate top and bottom with a defined waistline. This type of figure will fill up all over when there is weight gain.

Spoon: Small or narrow top with wide lower body and a small waist. Unfortunately, when she puts on weight, the extra kilos mostly go to the hips and thighs.

Cone: Wide shoulders with big arms and narrow hips. Hmmm, watch that midriff ballooning with age or any weight gain.

Ruler: Generally straight cut body with no waistline. Again, watch the abdominal area.

So, which is your shape and what fits you best? Here is an anecdote to illustrate why understanding shapes and clothes is important.

Alice and Sharon attended the same party and both were wearing identical outfits: a lovely dress with fitting cut-in bodice and a soft flowing knee-length skirt. Alice received compliments all round while the other called Sharon did not receive the same reaction.

Why? Alice was petite and could carry the tight bodice. The cut-in accentuated her square shoulders and small arms while the flowing skirt camouflage her wide hips.

Sharon, on the other hand was ruler shaped and the cut-in bodice only served to draw attention to her sloping shoulders and wide waist. While the flowing skirt hid the straightness of her figure, but the effect was lost because people’s attention was easily drawn to her upper body flaws.

Next week, we will talk about what clothes fit the different shapes best for women and men.

THE SUN - 11 Feb 2004

THE SUN - 11 Feb 2004

28 November, 2009 – I will start with the weekly columns that I contribute to THE SUN from February 2004 .

THE SUN – 4 February 2004 – FIRST IMPRESSIONS Click here for articile .first-impression-the-sun-0402042-a


Introducing Grooming Guru Sheila Wong

Doyen of beauty business, Sheila Wong, believes strongly that beauty is not just about a pretty face or a slim body. It is that intangible something within called self-confidence or self-esteem that makes the beauty shine through.

In her 20 years in the beauty industry, where she started with helping women to slim, she has concluded that much more is needed to help make them look and feel great. “Looking good is not enough. Some people are naturally pretty but the good looks go to waste if they don’t carry themselves well or wear the wrong types of clothes.

“Also, the way they conduct themselves, carry on a conversation, social and table manners can turn people on or off. For some, tasteful dressing comes naturally or they pick up tips from observing others or from magazines while others just have no idea.”

“Until a person learns about grooming and dressing to present himself/herself to the best advantage, a slim body and well-made up face is not enough. In other words, she needs to learn how to carry all that with poise.”

To expand her business from a slimming salon to a total beauty business, she began to attend courses ranging from cosmetology, fitness, grooming and modelling, colours and etiquette.

Wong’s warm and friendly personality and sense of humour make her a much sought grooming and etiquette instructress Her clients include major corporations, banks, hotels that want their executives to project a good image for their establishments.

The name, Skin Esthics, may not be immediately familiar but many would have heard of Slenderlin, a salon for slimming in Malacca where she began her career in beauty. What she has brought to the business has expanded far beyond weight control and that is the reason she decided to change the name to Skin Esthics Beauty & C-Image Stoppe.

Beauty comes in a total package. Wong calls it the “Trichotomical Beauty Approach” which emcompasses Skin Management, Weight Management and Image Management.

Wong has authored a book Groom Or Broom which was launched in Year 2002. She has another two books in the pipeline. However, for Wong, the crowning moment in her career will be the franchising of her business which she is planning to do. She is an entrepreneur in her own right.

Wong, who is in her 40s, gave up her secretary job when she married and went to live in Malacca. She worked for her husband’s development company. She stopped work for one year when the first baby came along but found that being a housewife was not her cup of tea.

In 1982, she began to work in Slenderlin and became a business partner. A year later, she bought over the business and her idea to broaden its scope was set in motion. In 1985, she went to London to do a grooming and modelling course at Lucie Clayton’s. She also did a fitness instructor course.

In later years, she added on a beauty diploma with the Confederation of International Beauty and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) and also a diploma for Physiology, Anatomy and Body Massage.

In 1999, she pursued a course in “The Psychological Impact of Colours” in Melbourne.

Wong will be giving tips on total grooming in a weekly column in The Sun for our readers.

Weekly Column in THE SUN, Lifestyle – Wednesday February 4, 2004

Book Review

November 6th, 2009

A simple and relevant guide that every woman who wants to look good, should own.

Sheila has described the ABCs of good grooming succintly. The gist of this book is – in first knowing our body shape, followed by understanding and appreciation of

the cuts and styles that accentuate our unique shape. What is wonderful is her assurance that we CAN all look slim no matter what size we come in!

YES, YOU CAN LOOK SLIMMER - Size Doesn't Matter, Shape Does

This will be my gift to family and friends who take pride and derive great joy from dressing. Thanks Sheila.

Sarjit Kaur

Head of Equity Surveillance


Bursa Malaysia


Dear Sheila

I am a 21 years old university student.

I bought both your amazing books “GROOM OR BROOM – Your Image: Key to Success” and “YES, YOU CAN LOOK SLIMMER – Size Doesn’t Matter, Shape Does”. After I read I felt that these 2 books are like a dictionary. I have learned much from these books and your seminar.

We are so blessed that in Malaysia we have such an amazing and fantastic image consultant like you, to help so many Malaysians who are serious with our image. Before I attend your seminar, I really don’t know how important is our own image.

Now I know! I hope one day I also can be a successful and pretty lady like you!

Zennye Ng

June 16, 2009