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Book talks at Popular

October 13th, 2009

DECEMBER 3, 2009

DYING ON THE PLATFORM! That was my feeling when I stood up on the stage of POPULAR

Book Fair at Danga Mall in Johore Baru!

We arrived in Johore Baru at 7 pm, and went straight to Danga Mall. POPULAR Book Fair was


the Expo Building of Danga Mall. It was a huge mall with avid readers hunting for good book

bargains. Apart from books, there were loads of other interesting stuff like stationery, etc., etc.

There was some kind of “laughter workshop” going on the stage. Some uniformed ladies were

laughing and gaffing away into the microphone, and a small crowd of children and mothers

were following suit. The noise was deafening, but I must say that I too was caught in the

laughing act.

By 7.45 pm, the laughter session was done, and the stage was empty. Two women and

5 children remain glued to their seats buried in their books.

My team mates, Enrique and Chee Wah, set up the videos, and played clips of my book

talk at Ikano, and the graduation dinner of Image Dynamics Coaching at The Prime.

The seated audience did not even bother to look up. Book browsers were more involved

at the book shelves. Hardly anyone looked at the screen. What a cold welcome from the


Terence and the team from POPULAR were very warm (and that offset the coldness from

the public). They assisted us to set up the place and did everything possible to make us feel

good. Thank you, Terence and your team from Popular!

English or Mandarin? I was debating within myself, which language I should use in Johore Baru.

At 8 pm, two of my good friends, Pauline Lau and Mei Suan, came by to give me the support.

That helped to ease my nerves a little. My youngest daughter, Estelle was giving me warm

smiles of assurance. That helped tremendously. Chee Wah went round the mall, distributing

leaflets and inviting the browsers to come for the book talk. There was a couple who were

reading THE HOLY BIBLE – they ignored Chee Wah completely even though he stood there,

offering the leaflet to them. Enrique was busy, ensuring that the videos were being screened.

Terence made a few announcements, inviting the public to the talk. NO-ONE RESPONDED!

I sat there, my heart turning cold. Chee Wah took over, and unperturbed, made a few

announcements in Mandarin and English, inviting people to the book talk. Still NO-ONE!

It was really disheartening.

English or Mandarin? I was still at a cross-road on which language to use. At 8.15 pm

(15 minutes late), I went up to the stage, and talk to an empty audience. Not really empty,

as there was Pauline, Mei Suan and my daughter, Estelle in the audience. The two women

and five children did not even look up at me. The older woman glanced sideways from time

to time with an angry frown which read like “DON’T COME NEAR ME”. And… she was

wearing the red “laughter” tee-shirt. A member of the laughter team, who was supposed

to make people laugh and be happy! If you know what I mean ……..

So I stood on the stage, mumbling and muttering stuff that sounded like rubbish to my ears.

In my insecure state, I used English as my opening line. Mistake!


Hour Glass Mei Suan

Hour Glass Mei Suan

I got Mei Suan on stage, did a body image profiling on her and explained to an empty

audience about the right cut to use for her hour-glass body. Madame Red Laughter

Tee-shirt looked up and quickly looked down again. I knew she was interested. I caught

her many times, looking up and listening intently, and looked down again each time

my gaze fell on her.

From the corner of my eye, I spotted a young lady browsing my book. I went down the

stage and literally begged her to come on stage for a body image profiling. She was my

anchor, and if I remember correctly, her name is Grace. Thank you, Grace, you saved

my day.

my saviour

From then on, all my acts were extemporaneous. I did make-overs after make-overs.

The crowd starting to build up, and there were more willing ladies coming on stage for the body

profiling and make-overs. I was so gratified to see ex-participant, Helena from Alllianz JB, came at

my last-minute invitation, to support me. And amongst the crowd,

one beautiful woman stood out from amongst

the rest. I invited her on stage. She obliged without hesitation. She came up and introduced herself

as GIGUE. Oh! This was the Gigue Lim who wrote to me that she was keen to do a professional

course with me. Gigue dazzled the stage with her presence. Thanks Gigue!

After Gigue, we had more ladies coming on. At the end of the talk, almost 70% of the seats were

filled up. Not bad! It was a beautiful and warm finish to a cold beginning.

Surprisingly, there was good response to the sales of my book “YES, YOU CAN LOOK SLIMMER”.

Ladies who missed the talk, came and bought the book, too. Thank you to all who bought my book

and also those who came to listen to me.

My conclusion: Johoreans take time to warm up.


OCTOBER 10, 2009

As I enter Popular@Ikano on that beautiful Saturday afternoon of October 10, 2009, I was in top spirit.

I felt the energy of the whole book store. It was filled with people from all walks of life. Most were with family.

Some were into a world of their own, buried deep into their books at a few seating corners created specially

for readers.

Visitors and readers were attracted to the array of props that I have laid out on the table, all ready for my talk.

By 4.00 pm, more than half the seats were taken. There was an elderly couple with their grandson (I think),

who were one of the first to sit down. I was very pleased to note that quite a few men sat down to listen to my talk.

So when I started my talk on the six body shapes of women, I cannot help but include to describe the

3 body shapes of men. Most of the ladies in the seated audience were given a body shape diagnosis,

and some of the more daring men also came forward to be diagnosed. Tips on how to use the book,

as a quick guide on what cut & style to use for the individual body shape was also shared.

The audience was warm and very receptive. When I was halfway into my talk, I noticed that

I also had a standing audience – visitors and readers who were passing by, stopped to listen to my tips.

More than a dozen signed up for my 2-day image seminar “UP YOUR IQ”, scheduled in April 2010.

Thank you to everyone who was there, to support and to participate. Your presence make a difference.

For those who wish to follow my book talks, watch out for my next one in December.

I will keep you posted in and websites.

If you like to view me in action, go to

Sheila speaking to a group of enthusiastic readers

Sheila speaking to a group of enthusiastic readers

Sheila Wong

The People’s Image Consultant